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Processing Non-EDI Orders

Enable your B2B customers to shop with you anytime, anywhere. You can control how your products are displayed, the pricing and discounts available for each one, as well as the billing options for each of your customer types. The time consuming and costly method of taking orders over the phone, email or fax, is a thing of the past. Orders captured in Nexternal get converted to EDI and sent to Transaction Manager so that you have a single business process for all of your orders, regardless of the method used to capture them.

Success Story: C.E. Smith Company, Inc.

See how C.E. Smith easily integrated their online orders with their backend business system, reduced order processing errors and minimized the strain on their IT staff from having to manage their previous storefront.

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We frequently get orders that have 200 to 300 SKUs. These would take forever to enter by hand—now they’re done in a few minutes, and we don’t have to worry about making errors while we’re typing all those addresses, numbers and other items.

Scott Noyes,
Purchasing Manager, C.E. Smith Company, Inc.

Amazon Marketplace Integration

Selling your products on Amazon is easy when you have TrueCommerce Nexternal! Your Amazon orders will automatically import into one, centralized web-based order management system for quick processing. When customers order your products on, their orders flow automatically into your Nexternal Order Management System (OMS)—just like an order from your branded webstore. Once you fulfill your orders, tracking numbers automatically flow back into Amazon which fully automates what was previously a tedious manual process.

Success Story: Maryhill Winery

See how Maryhill Winery streamlined their Amazon order processing, massively decreased their shopping cart abandonment rate, and had a shocking increase in online sales.

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Amazon integration has been a really successful feature for our Shipping Coordinator, especially because our old process included logging into multiple systems and managing orders in two different locations. Now it all funnels through Nexternal, and Amazon orders are flagged for her automatically, which is really helpful and definitely saves her a lot of time.

Cassie Courtney,
Sales & Marketing Director, Maryhill Winery

Custom Designed B2C Stores

Using your existing website as a branding guide, our design engineers will craft a gorgeous, custom-built online store for your business. Whether you are looking to jump-start your B2C eCommerce presence or expand the impact of your current online presence, you need an online storefront that complements your brand identity, so your customers feel like they never left your website. The TrueCommerce Nexternal eCommerce Platform offers the best shopping cart solution and expert customer support in the eCommerce industry. Offering an unmatched customer experience with maximum ease of use, Nexternal eCommerce reduces shopping cart abandonment and maximizes order conversions.

Success Story: Caffe Ladro

See how Caffe Ladro increased their online sales by 400%, improved the overall order processing workflow, and decreased the number of errors in their order fulfillment process – leading to increased revenue.

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We’ve been very happy with Nexternal. It’s been an even better, quicker moneymaker and transition than we had hoped. It’s fun to see the possibilities just continue to grow… especially now with Nexternal and TrueCommerce working together.

Adrienne Kerrigan,
Wholesale Marketing Coordinator, Caffe Ladro